Sunday 7 October 2012

Autumn lawn care

Control moss by apply a mosskiller and wait for the moss to turn black/brown at which point it can be raked out (scarified) using a spring tined lawn rake or electric scarifier.  The scarifying process also reduces the build up of thatch (dead grass and other debris).

Prevent moss thriving by tackling the cause.  This can be due to shade on the lawn or bad drainage.  Cut back any plants that are causing shade by growing over the lawn and any low growing branches.  For compacted areas of the lawn, improve the drainage with a garden fork or spiking machine.  Repeat every 4" – 6".  Brush a sandy soil top dressing into the holes to allow better aeration to the roots which helps produce a healthier lawn.

Bare patches should be repaired using grass seed mixed with a sand/soil top dressing.

As leaves fall, rake or sweep the lawn lightly to keep it free from leaves and other fallen debris.

Use an autumn lawn fertiliser, which is high in phosphates and potash which will help build strong roots and strengthen grass growth for the winter.  This in turn will produce healthier grass for next year.
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  1. It is very important to take proper measures for the care and maintenance of the lawn.