Sunday 26 August 2012

Slightly "trimmed" the garden

First day I've managed to get out in the garden in ages.  Always too busy working, updating the websites or other commitments stopping me getting out and doing what I really love.

First job was mowing the lawn.  Have to do this first, I can't possibly start pruning the borders until that is done otherwise I feel its all just getting way too messy.

Edging the lawn and who should pop out to say hello but Bob.  Bob is a little toad - very cute.  He's called Bob because he appeared in the garden, the very next day after our lovely next door neighbor died - he was called Bob too ! 

Next job was to "slightly" trim the shrubs.  Should really have looked into when the best time to prune Sambuscus and Kerria was, but it was all getting way out of hand and needed a trim.  Actually ended up being a massacre !!  Note to self - research when you should have done this, rather than getting happy with the loppers !!

Never happier than when I'm working away on my own in the garden, but something always has to spoil my fun.  Today it was the rain (that's unusual isn't it?).  I was determined not to stop until I'd finished though so stubbonly carried on, but at least I got the desperate stuff done.  Loads more to do but that'll have to wait for another day.

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